Conference Agenda

8:00AM – 9:00AM

Petit Dejeuner with Coffee in the SOCCO Ballroom Foyer


Registration & Pre-Conference Reception

9:00AM – 10:30AM

Late Talking or Something More? - Profiles of Late Talking Toddlers

Imitation Matters! - in Typical & Atypical Development

10:30AM – 10:45AM


Coffee and Refreshments

10:45AM – 12:15PM

What if a Toddler Isn't Ready to Imitate? What to Work on FIRST

Social Skills: Help a Toddler Learn to Interact

 Developmental Milestones: The "BIG 3" that Emerge Before First Words

 Disciplinary Strategies: Understand Words to be able to Listen and Obey

12:15PM – 1:15PM


Recharge - Health inspired lunch - Delta style

1:15PM – 2:45PM

Imitation Skills in Toddlers During Play 

Building Imitation with Gestures and Early Body Movements

Teaching Signing Strategies for Success

Developing Mouth Movements

2:45PM – 3:00PM


Coffee and Refreshments

3:00PM – 4:30PM

Imitation with: Early Vocalizations, Play Sounds & Exclamatory Words

Building Imitation in Verbal Routines

Laura's Secrets to Eliciting First Words, Phrases & Boost Spontaneous Speech

 Troubleshoot Motor-Planning & Sequencing Problems

Address Early Patterns & Work Towards Conversational Skills

4:30PM – 5:00PM

Q & A with Laura Mize


Brought to you by the Speech Associates
With over 40 therapists dedicated to providing effective treatment to individuals as young as 15 months of age, our team of Speech-Language Pathologists applies strategies including Teach Me To Talk across a range of disorders that extended well beyond ASD, including toddlers with developmental delays, late talkers and children with nonverbal learning challenges, as well as those with social deficits to help our clients!

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