Course Objectives

Imitation is the core skill that most late talkers haven’t mastered. Toddlers with developmental delays often lack the fundamental skills to begin to imitate single words, yet we don't know how to acheive the goals we set, such as:
Logan will use a variety of words to communicate his wants and needs to his parents and caregivers within three months.

Building Verbal Imitation in Toddlers

  • Learn easy to remember treatment approaches for late talking toddlers with a variety of expressive language delays and disorders
  • Differentiate late talkers vs. toddlers with more global developmental delays
  • Determine when an oral motor approach is indicated for late talkers and when it’s not
  • Learn the prerequisite skills a child MUST exhibit before talking is even a realistic goal
  • Plan appropriate activities and materials for treatment sessions with your youngest clients
  • Receive troubleshooting tips with additional ideas to implement if you’re not seeing progress with a child at any level
  • Review specific “how to” instructions for eliciting expressive language skills during play and daily routines
  • Get lists and a chart to serve as your “cheat sheet” during sessions
  • Maximize parent involvement in your treatment plans and promote carry-over into daily routines

Learn how to teach virtually every skill through play!


Additional Content From Teach Me to Listen and Obey!

Laura will also tackle discipline! 

  • Effective strategies for improving the way a child understands language and then can begin to obey.
  • Receive developmentally-appropriate disciplinary strategies for young children ages 2 to 4 who are struggling to learn language. 
  • Learn how to handle common behavior problems such as difficulty with transitions, throwing things, melt-downs and tantrums, difficulty paying attention and staying on task, or refusing to do what you’ve asked. 


I like the eight levels chart for parents. They can see how one level builds to another and the progress made before there are WORDS. I also like to show that you can’t SKIP levels/ skills.
— Molly, SLP
“Excellent job! This is the kind of conference I’ve been waiting for for 15 years! It should be a requirement for all early intervention therapists.
— Dawn, SLP, Columbus, OH
“Laura, please have more trainings! I have spent years wasting time and money going to trainings that had no benefit or practical information. Yours was wonderful, interesting, informative, practical, and motivating! It’s the best conference I’ve ever attended by far!”
— Melissa, Developmental Therapist, Ft. Wayne, IN
“I’ve been a practicing SLP for 34 years, and this is the best presentation for practical information for treating toddlers and working with parents that I’ve ever attended!”
— Kimberly, SLP, Franklin, TN
“As an OT I work on everything with children, but this course has helped me pull together all the bits and pieces I’ve been using. Now I can be more effective.”
— Kris, OT, Atlanta, GA

This program is offered for ASHA CEUs (Professional Area). 

Instructors Disclosure:  Laura Mize Group is an independent contractor and is compensated by Speech INC for this role. She has no relevant non-financial relationships to disclose.